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Acer has flawlessly designed the Ferrari 3200, instilling it with exceptional performance, brilliant graphics, and lightning-fast connectivity. This exclusive edition is another striking symbol of cooperation between Acer and Ferrari -- two progressive companies with proud heritages built on passion, innovation, power and success.

Additional Information

Model LX.FR206.001
Country of Manufacture Griechenland
In Depth
    • Mobile AMD Athlon 64 2800+
    • 1MB L2 Cache
    • 512MB of PC2700 DDR333 SDRAM
    • 2 RAM Slots (0 open - upgrading requires chip removal)
    • RAM is upgradeable to 2GB
Screensize 15-inch, 200-nit, high-brightness TFT LCD screen
Hardrive 80 gig Western Digital
Processor Mobile AMD Athlon 64 2800+

Customer Reviews

Awful Product Review by SupaStar
I have had nothing but problems with this product. When I received the computer the box was broken. I didn't think anything of it but when powered on the computer had a loud whirling sound. A few hours later it refused to turn on. It appears the cheap internal fan broke. I got a new one 2 weeks later. This time the optical drive broke 3 weeks later. I was beginning to become frustrated. After calling customer service they refused to give me a full refund because it had been over 60 days since I first bought it. I hesitantly accepted a third replacement. This one works but the shift button broke already and power cord no longer fits into the computer snugly. I ended up selling it to my cousin and buying a Mac. (Posted on 16.04.2008)
Fantasticly Expensive Review by Joe Gimp
Great product, bit rip off (Posted on 16.04.2008)
sounds great Review by Joe
what a great laptop! (Posted on 30.08.2007)
Not happy at all Review by Cappello
I purchased the Red Ferrari Laptop and had nothing but problems form the start. I was supposed to get a free matching mouse, when I received the mouse it looked two years old. When I got laptop working the wrist rest pad right next to the mouse pad was heating up to an uncomfortable level. When I notified PCmode, the supplier of the laptop, they agreed to replace it with another laptop. When I asked if it had the same problems, they told me it headed up as all laptops heat up. The agreed to replace the laptop with another laptop but with a 50% lesser value than the one I purchased.

I will never buy from these people again... (Posted on 25.08.2007)
It's worked phenominally for me so far... Review by Next
Fortunately, the computer worked and worked well from the start for me. The performance is phenomenal, the craftsmanship and style are only slightly short of amazing. (sturdy and stylish, but heavy and heats up quickly.) I hope I never have to deal with customer service but the product performs. The worse thing is that if you have it set to use full power all of the time you get maybe an hour and a half of battery time. Still like my PowerBook better though. (Posted on 25.08.2007)

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